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Living up to the Hype 2014: Interstellar

0 Submitted by on Wed, 07 January 2015, 09:30
The man who proved you can have intelligence, over brain-dead robot smashing action, in your blockbusters returned in 2014 with another passion project. Not much was known about this film, except for the likely chance it would blow your mind, this was Interstellar. The Hype What can I say? It’s a Christopher Nolan film! OK I will elaborate. Christopher Nolan Continue Reading...
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Batman Animated Movies – Three of the Best

0 Submitted by on Sat, 01 December 2012, 17:01
Last year a poll was taken; 228,626 people across 314 countries were shown a variety of corporate logos with the names of the companies removed (a Nike “Swoosh” or the MacDonald’s Golden Arches for example) and then asked how many they could name. Surprisingly, Batman’s chest emblem – or Bat-logo – was by far the most recognised the entire world Continue Reading...
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Dark Knight Rises Blu Ray Special Features Confirmed

0 Submitted by on Fri, 28 September 2012, 19:29
The artwork for the Dark Knight Trilogy was released a couple of days ago, and now the sought after special features have been confirmed. From the sound of the press release if you want the extras you’ll need to buy the Blu Ray edition, which suits us down to the ground as it’s the best way to enjoy the closing Continue Reading...
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0 Submitted by on Sat, 01 September 2012, 18:26
Sequels are shit; this is something that everybody knows for a fact. But every sequel ever made? Yes. Except there are some that are actually very good. But are there really? No. But if there were, what would they be? I’m glad you asked. Here is my list of the ten greatest sequels ever made (they’re in no particular order Continue Reading...
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0 Submitted by on Thu, 20 October 2011, 09:35
20th October “Mukesh al aharam. Septin tooso barayool. Heghlin im sarawar…” No, I haven’t had some kind of undiagnosed brain incident. That is a genuine, original, 100% authentic Elvish greeting, all by way of wishing Lord of the Rings star VIGGO MORTENSEN (1958-) a very happy birthday. During the making of Peter Jackson’s “epic” trilogy, the notoriously intense actor famously slept with Continue Reading...
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