Christmas Movie Challenge: Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

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One man, 52 Christmas movies, one must be watched every week or the challenge is lost. Welcome to The Christmas Movie Challenge.

As this week’s title is the first TV show to be part of this Christmas Movie Challenge, it had to be something extra special.

In 1978 one Christmas TV special was so good, so full of Christmas joy, and so amazing it could only be aired once. That’s the upbeat spin on the situation, in truth The Star Wars Holiday Special was so awful, so mind numbingly bad that a 3 hour stand up set from Jar Jar Binks would be better.

Even the most hardcore Star Wars fan has little love for this unwanted, poorly made sod of TV special. It’s worth mentioning that George Lucas had very little to do with this, so he’s mostly blame free for this hell spawn’s existence.

The ‘plot’ sees Han Solo and Chewbacca racing through space to celebrate Life Day (Wookie Christmas). Basically it’s a collection of scenes, Harrison Ford looks humiliated throughout all his limited scene time, although Mark Hamill gives it his all, his eyes scream help and he’s only too aware of the awful mess he’s a part.

Thankfully it was never released on DVD, the original tapes it was recorded on have been locked in a safe warehouse next to the Ark from Raiders

Some films are so bad they’re good, others are so bad they become baffling as to how they got made and what the frak is going on!

George Lucas himself reportedly said “If I had the time and a sledgehammer, I would track down every copy of that show and smash it.” See, you don’t like when other people mess up Star Wars do ya George, so please for the love of Ben Kenobi leave it alone.



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