Top 10 Star Wars Characters that SHOULD get a Spin-off

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Disney are clearly hoping to make back their $4 billion they spent on Lucasfilm.  Having recently announced that Episode VII could actually be a good move with J J Abrams helming the movie, Disney have also said they are going to be making a series of spin-off films to expand the Star Wars universe.

Because a franchise that spawns 6 films, a 2D Animated Clone Wars Series, a 3D animated Clone Wars Series, a 3D Animated Clone Wars movie, 3 Robot Chicken Specials, several Ewoks Movies, a Droids Cartoon, hundreds of books, dozens of console games, dozens of MMORPGS, a million Lego Sets, and a holiday special could do with a little more expansion.

OK, let’s put my cynic self aside for one second, I mean Disney need to make their money back somehow, and the announcement of spin-offs could lead to some pretty interesting movies. Recently it was revealed the first two spin offs were to focus on Han Solo and Boba Fett, but why stop there? Solo and Fett are the obvious choices, but if Disney really want to “expand” the franchise, here are my suggestion for characters that SHOULD get their own spin-off film.

10. Count Dooku

count_dookusOK I know a prequel based on Count Dooku is about as pointless as Saruman popping up in The Hobbit films, but it’s another excuse for Sir Christopher Lee to appear on the big-screen and I am all for that. Also, this film wouldn’t be a few second cameo, as apology for cutting him out of a past film, it would have Sir Christopher Lee back in the leading man role. OK, given the man is 90, it’s unlikely he’d ever take up this made-up offer I’m handing him, but I can dream God Damn it!

9. General Grevious

Before Revenge of the Sith, Cartoon Network released its first Clone Wars TV series, but this one had more reason to exist as it was made and released BEFORE Episode III came out. At the end of Series 2 (Volume 1), audiences got their first look at a new baddie from Episode III: General Grevious and by God, he was Bad-Ass! Part machine, part alien, Grevious had mastered lightsaber fighting and was able to take on 5 Jedi in one epic fight scene. But come Episode III, boy was he a let down. The once bad-ass character from the cartoon had been transformed into a coughy, weezy and weak villain who did nothing in the film apart from die at the hands of one Jedi. Also, Gary Oldman was meant to voice him in the film, but for SAG reasons, this did not happen. No! Make a Grevious film, the origin story is there, and bring back Gary Oldman.

8.The Jawa’s

If The Minions from Despicable Me can get their own movie then why not The Jawa’s? The movie could be a family film, like I imagine The Minions film would be, where Jawa’s interact with the various other species and races of Tatooine, with hilarious outcomes. Or, it could be a hard-hitting R Rated Drama as The Jawa’s engage in a turf war with The Sand People.

7. Bossk

BosskBossk appears in The Empire Strikes Back for about 3 seconds, amongst many other Bounty Hunters, so I’d forgive you if you’re scratching your head at this one. The reason he deserves a spin-off? He’s a Bounty hunter with a Dinosaur head! Things don’t get more bad ass than that, well unless you have him be played by Jason Statham. And there’s your movie.

6. The Shirtless Rancor Owner

Remember when Luke kills the Rancor in Return of the Jedi? And then a large shirtless guy forces his way into the pit, he doesn’t go to kill Luke, he goes to mourn over the loss of his Rancor friend. Who was this shirtless man? What was the bond he had with this Rancor? Were they friends? Were they more than friends?…….Erm…..Did they solve crimes together? Yes, let’s go with that! A Turner and Hooch of the Star Wars Galaxy. The Rancor and that Shirtless Guy.

5. Greedo

In a shock twist Greedo actually survives being shot in A New Hope and pursues Han Solo with the full force of the law. Originally Solo goes all Fugitive on the film, but after he gets captured the film turns into a thrilling Court Room drama with the fate of the characters resting on one solid piece of evidence: Who Shot First? Special Edition includes an alternate ending.

4. Cad Bane

Unleashing my inner nerd here. Cad Bane is a character from The 3D Animated Clone Wars TV series. Now, I’m not an avid follower of the show, as I think it’s pretty pointless (aside from the obvious money and merchandise argument), but I have checked out a few episodes out of interest; mostly the Darth Maul ones. However, one character has caught my eye, and that’s Cad Bane. Best way to describe him, for those that don’t know him, a cowboy Bounty Hunter from Space with a touch of the Cyber Punk about him. He is a pretty cool character, with an amazing voice and some pretty bad-ass moments. The film would take place after The Clone Wars and be more of an Anti-Hero/vigilante type film, but he’s a pretty cool character and would make for a pretty cool film.

3. The Imperial Gunner and Imperial Commander from A New Hope

star-wars_emperor-royal-guard-2Remember these guys? The guys who didn’t fire on the escape pod holding R2 and 3PO in a New Hope and thus are technically responsible for the Death Star exploding? The film would take place after the events of A New Hope and would be a psychological and surrealist thriller as the two men struggle with their guilt and slip into madness. This would also give David Lynch another chance to direct a Star Wars film.

2. The Mos Eisley Cantina Band

Depending on the angle the Filmmakers wanted to go for, this would either be a shot-for-shot remake of A Hard Days Night or This is Spinal Tap, let your imagination run wild!

1. The Star Wars Kid

This film could go one of two ways. One, it could be a screwball comedy where the Star Wars Kids becomes fame hungry and ends up living a complete rock star lifestyle, riding on the fame of his first video, but ends up becoming a blow out/sell out/douchebag and ultimately becomes a decent person at the end when he realizes why he was loved by millions in the first place. Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill would play him. The other way it could go would be an R Rated slasher Horror where the Kid fashions and takes a lightsaber to those who uploaded the video of him on the internet. Liam Neeson would play the Star Wars Kid.

David Parker

Star Wars Episode VII is to be directed by J J Abrams with a script from Michael Arndt, the film is set for a 2015 release date.

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