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Sunday Afternoon Movie: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure [1989]

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“Be excellent to each other.” Earlier this year, those bodacious dudes Bill S. Preston and Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan marked their 25th anniversary since going on a time-traveling-rock-n-rolling adventure. As we bid farewell to the summer, what better time than a lazy Sunday afternoon to give  Stephen Herek’s movie another spin. To celebrate this quarter century milestone, a brand new Blu-ray edition Continue Reading...
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Sunday Afternoon Movie: The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty [2013]

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Ben Stiller’s fifth directorial effort might just be his crowning glory as a filmmaker, perhaps even as an actor. A loose remake of the 1947 Danny Kaye comedy, the central premise remains the same with Mitty being a hopeless daydreamer who constantly escapes into his fantasy life to avoid the mundanities of the daily grind. This shiny upgrade on the story Continue Reading...
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Sunday Afternoon Movie: InnerSpace [1987]

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Effectively a smart reworking of Fantastic Voyage this classic family comedy from Joe Dante is just what you need to prepare you for the working week ahead. Maverick (but down on his luck) test pilot Lt Tuck Pendleton (Dennis Quaid) has volunteered himself to be miniaturised in a prototype one man ship and be injected into a rabbit (well it Continue Reading...
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Sunday Afternoon Movie: Mrs. Doubtfire [1993]

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After taking some much-needed time off over the summer, The Sunday Afternoon Movie is back with more easy-going films to prepare you for the week ahead. Mrs Doubtfire is 20 years old this year, technically she’s 80 but the movie starring Robin Williams that made over $400 million worldwide and was the second highest grossing film of 1993 is now Continue Reading...
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