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Irrational Man Trailer

0 Submitted by on Fri, 03 July 2015, 17:48
Woody Allen’s annual film is due out in cinemas this September, to give us a flavour of the prolific filmmaker’s latest offering a brand new trailer has been released. Irrational Man finds a Philosophy professor (Joaquin Phoenix) stuck in a life rut and ends up pursuing two very different women. Soon after arriving to teach at a small town college, Abe Continue Reading...
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Creed Trailer

0 Submitted by on Thu, 02 July 2015, 22:40
Rocky Balboa is back, but this time the big lug isn’t not stepping into the ring he’s assuming trainer cutie to train a young protégée. The son of Rocky’s best friend and two-time opponent Apollo Creed seeks out the former champ to teach him a few moves. Initially reluctant, Rocky eventually agrees and before you can say sports training montage, Continue Reading...
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London Has Fallen Teaser Trailer

0 Submitted by on Wed, 01 July 2015, 16:27
Gerard Butler is back on duty as Mike Banning in the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen. When we first heard of a follow-up to the surprise box office smash, we instantly (and wrongly) assumed an Olympus Has Fallen Again was on the cards. Thankfully the action is relocated to England for the shrewdly titled London Has Fallen. 2013 saw the Continue Reading...
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Full Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Trailer

0 Submitted by on Mon, 29 June 2015, 16:27
The fifth (and apparently final) entry in the Paranormal Activity franchise finally arrives in cinemas this Halloween. The first trailer for The Ghost Dimension is now haunting the internet, and lord help me but I’m surprisingly intrigued. I pretty much gave up on this franchise a sequel or two ago, there is only so much found-footage horror than any one Continue Reading...
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Heroes Reborn Full Trailer

0 Submitted by on Fri, 26 June 2015, 08:30
After more than a year of waiting the first full-length trailer for Heroes Reborn has arrived. Five years after the abrupt cancellation of the show, series creator Tim Kring brings a few familiar faces and a whole bunch of newbies together for Heroes Reborn. Your excitement for this 13 episode event series will likely depend on how much you enjoyed Continue Reading...
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