Movies My Dad Likes: Where Eagles Dare!

Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton star in this action packed classic.

Expendables 3 Review

Action galore for all the family.


Who will join Stallone and the gang in the next sequel?

5 Belated Sequels That Flopped and 3 That Didn’t

There is such a thing as waiting too long…

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  • Out Now On DVD: Happy Valley

    Happy Valley BBC
    Sally Wainwright’s Happy Valley is so compelling that you’ll be cancelling on friends in no time. This breath-taking drama refuses to back down; it shocks, thrills and absorbs you instantly. It’s however not for the faint-hearted; it’s brutal which can be a turn off and admittedly I only survived by watching some of the more gut-wrenching scenes through partly closed Continue Reading...
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